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ITF Belt Meanings

The meaning of each belt colour signifies a different stage or chapter in a students training from a white belt beginner to a Black Belt. Whilst black belt is often seen as an ultimate goal in martial arts, students and parents should not see this as a final destination but rather the beginning of a whole new chapter of learning and life in martial arts. 

Students should be confident in knowing the meaning of all belt colours up to and including the colour they are testing for.

White Belt

White signifies innocence, as that of the beginning student who has no previous knowledge of Taekwon-Do.

Yellow Belt

Yellow signifies earth, from which a plant sprouts and takes root as Taekwon-Do foundation is being laid.

Green Belt

Green signifies the plants growth as Taekwon-Do skills begin to develop

Blue Belt

Blue signifies the heaven towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Taekwon-Do progresses

Red Belt 

Red signifies danger, cautioning the student to exercise control, and warning the opponent to stay away.

Black Belt

Opposite to white, therefore signifying the maturity and proficiency in Taekwon-Do. Also indicates the wearers imperviousness to darkness and fear.

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